umbrella on line

ISSN 0160-0699

Volume 30, No. 3, Sep 2007

Art Reader

Smithsonian for September 2007 tells the story of an unheralded New York City municipal photographer, whose forgotten negatives have been discovered (20,000 of them) showing modern Manhattan in the making.

An article about the Lumière brothers and their color process is featured in this issue.

NY Times for 2 September had a photo essay on the Starn twins and their studio in Brooklyn with remarkable photographs of their work space and some of their techniques.

In the same issue is a tribute to Jack Kerouac with Holland Cotter (art critic extraordinaire) going “On my Own Road” and describing his own trip into America in 1964. It’s amazing and illuminating.

NY Times for 29 July dissects the position of director of a Museum in our day and age, and then Jori Finkel writes an article about what it takes to be a director and how much new blood is needed and where.


Contributions to Umbrella Museum

Anna Banana, Claire Isaacs, Claire Satin, Charlene Matthews, Genie Shenk, Julie Dermansky, Jennifer Henderson, Mark Bloch, Peter and Angela Netmail