umbrella on line

ISSN 0160-0699

Volume 30, No. 3, Sep 2007

Mail Art & Visual Poetry


Peter and Angela Netmail have been traveling and making mail art wherever they go. They photograph themselves in the Alps, in Macedonia, wherever they go. And Peter seems to love baking books very often.

Peter Netmail

Making mail art wherever they go.


Images Against War. Any medium, no deadline. Jpegs or any snail mail. No jury, no returns. Exhibition in the web: Image Gallery Against War from Boek 861. Send to:Taller del Sol, Apartado 861 43080 Tarragona, España. Put your own image in:

Brain Cell Fractals. Ryosuke Cohen. Send him 150 stickers, artistamps, rubberstamps, etc. and he will send you a list of participants, a beautifully produce color print of all participants’ work. Send to Ryosuke Cohen, 3-76-1-A613 Yagumokitaho, Moriguchi-City, Osaka 570, Japan.

Neo DADA. Ongoing project. Send self made postcards 4 x 6” (10.1 x 15.2 cm). Any medium, no envelopes, documentation to all, no returns. Online gallery and possible exhibition. P.O. Box 661, New York, NY 10116.

Shadow Play. Slightly serious artist seeks fun, intelligent shadows for international art project. Blondes, brunettes and redheads preferred, but all shadows welcome. Please send a photograph of your shadow with your name written on the back. Shadows to feature in upcoming exhibition. Send to Wei-Ho Ng, Chelsea College of Art, Manresa Rd., London SW3 61S, England. Deadline: ongoing.

Mail Art/Visual Poetry Call for Palestine, Lebanon, Human Rights-Peace-Freedom. Size: A4 limit. Any medium, 2D; deadline: ongoing. All works will be displayed on Mail contributions to David-Baptiste Chirot, 740 N. 29 #108, Milwaukee, WI 53208 USA or to

Hummingbirds - Colibri. Send mail art inspired on/with hummingbirds. Any medium, any size. No deadline and Valeria will answer your themes. All items will be published on her blog. Http:// Mail to Valeria Zunzun, 1412 Euclid Ave. #15, Miami Beach, FL 33139 USA. Or to

Send a photo of yourself standing or sitting in front of your bookcase or bookshelves. No deadline. Answer to everyone. Bibliotheca Gullbiana, Staai 41, NL-6127 AB Grevenbicht, The Netherlands. The Beatles Forever. Postcard size 10 x 15 cm. The Tree of Poetry, Tiziana Baracchi, Via Cavallotti 83b, I-30171 Venezia Mestre, Italia. No deadline.

Public Art. Postcard size. Any medium, visual poetry wanted. No jury, no deadline, ongoing project to introduce the community of Prescott, Arizona to mail art. Works will be on display at Prescott College in Spring-Summer 2006. Documentation to all. Send to Grace Vajda, Prescott College, Mailbox 580, 220 Grove Ave., Prescott, AZ 86301 USA. Please include your e-mail or snail mail address.

Call for Books and Zines. Seeking donations for “independent reference library“in Kosovo, former Yugoslavia. Kosovo is a struggling country with an average monthly salary of $30 and unemployment at 60%. Any zine or book donations are welcomed. Also T-shirts and postage stamps for children’s collections. Send to Switzerland and it will be forwarded since it is more secure. No internet access. Send to RLP, c/o PF44, CH4142, Munchenstein 3, Switzerland. Chairs. 4“x 6” postards of chairs, stools or any form of single seating. For display in Paper and Postage, Moat Gallery, Library Square, Vancouver, Apr 16-29, 2008 All submissions posted on Include snail mail and/or email address for documentation. For my exhibition please send me only postcards that deal with any technique. Deadline: 31.12.2007 Send to: Lorraine Kwan / #202, 3580 West 41st Ave / Vancouver BC V6N 3E6 / Canada /

“A Day in Minden” Make an art piece (minimum A4) or write a poem on Minden. Your art or poem will be published on a nice printed book, with introduction from Daniel Daligand. Copy to all participants. Info: For my project please send me any medium that deal with any technique. Deadline: 31.12.2007 Send to: Rafique Sulayman / Mohammadia Housing Society / Dhaka-1207 / Bangladesh /

Postcards from Darwin. Open exhibition at the Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre. To be held between 15th November and the 21st December 2007.

Darwin, as a young man, travelled the world in the Beagle, as a result of which he later wrote the first edition of “On The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. This open-call for submissions to a mail-art exhibition at the Exeter Phoenix invites a creative and imaginative interpretation of letters and postcards home from the great evolutionist. Closing date for posted submissions is: 12th November 2007. Please address all submissions to: Howard Warnerford, Exeter Phoenix, Bradninch Place, Gandy St., Exeter EX4 3LS, United Kingdom.

Fill The Ford (Fully) Folly! mail art call. ongoing. no deadline. periodic documentation. Send found or unnecessary metal keys to fill the interior of a ’50 model Ford to confound future archaeologists. Send to buZ blurr, 908 E. Main St., Gurdon, Arkansas 71743-1835 USA.

Ray Johnson Micro Galleries I & II Mail Art Show.Theme: “Beuys will be Beuys” This exhibit pays homage to the creator of the Free International University and the ideas of social sculpture. So let your art reflect and express “how we mould and shape the world in which we live.” “the total artwork of the future social order”, and “free democratic socialism”. Joseph Beuys

The gallery one will be on view in the The Mabee-Simpson Library on the campus of Lyon College and gallery two will be on view at Morning Star Coffee House both in Batesville, Arkansas, USA, There will be a weekly rotation of 4 to 5 artists per gallery over the course of one year. This exhibition period will be extended depending on the response from the International Mail Art Network.

Size is limited to 4“x 6” or 10.16 cm X 15.24 cm for postcards and 8” or 20.32 cm overall for 3D pieces. E-mail submissions accepted. Please include your name, address and email address. You are welcome to send more than one piece. Exhibition documentation will include a website and catalogue to every participant + CD Deadline to be received November 30, 2007. Show will be installed the first week of January and the concurrent website will be up that week. Send to: JohnChiaromonte, 250 Lilly St., Batesville, Arkansas USA. Webpage:

Celebration of Xerox’s anniversary. Next year will be the seventieth anniversary of the invention of xerography. To celebrate the magic photocopier and its inventor Chester Carlson you are invited to contribute copy-art works in which the machine has been used to produce an original one-of-a-kind photocopy. Size: between A4 (30 x 21 cm) and A5 (70% A4). Catalogue to all the participants. Send to: Gianni Simone, 3-3-23 Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi, 226-0027 Kanagawa-ken, Japan

The Whole World in an Envelope. The Russian magazine, “Vvedenskaya Storona”, announced the mail-art project called “The Whole World in an Envelope”. The deadline is November 20, 2007. All works will be shown in an exhibit in 2008, in the city of Veliki Novgorod, Russia. Also the works will be published on this blog: Send your mail art to:

175206 Russia (Novgorodskaya oblast) (Staraya Russa) 18-61 (Sovietskaya Naberezhnaya, 18-61) (“Vedenskaya Storona”)

Temple - to explore the idea of a sacred space for reflection and meditation or your own definition. Can be exploring built or internal spaces. SIZE: Minimum Post card size. Media: Open (No organic matter, our government destroys it immediately) Deadline: 15 December 2007. No Returns. Child Friendly Art. Catalogued on line. Exhibition January 2008. Send to: Taraka Tee, P.O. Box 145, Indooroopilly, 4068 Qld, Australia.

Postcard Portraits. A6 Postcard Portraits to be held 23-27 May 2008 at Ripple Six Art Fair, Marsden Mechanis Institute, Marsden, Huddersfield, UK. All entries should be on portrait A6 (105mm x 148mm) postcards with name and country at the foot of the card. Visit for full details, where you will find a template and address to send your postcard. Send all cards c/o Janet Maude, Ripple, Marsden Mechanics Hall, Peel St., Marsden, Huddersfield HD7 6BW, West Yorkshire, England. Deadline: 1 May 08.