umbrella on line

ISSN 0160-0699

Volume 29, No. 2, Jun 2006

From the Editor

It has been a while since we met initially with the first Online issue. Since that time, we have lost many friends, including Allan Kaprow. The e-mails and phone calls have been devastating. On top of which, I’ve had an allergic reaction to a spider bite that layed me low with an itching reaction for several weeks. So forgive me for the delay, even online.

The flow of life is also full of sad news with the demise of friends, projects, wisdom, and so much more. But art heals, it really does, and seeing the creative genius of so many artists in so may exhibitions has renewed and restored the spirit, never erasing the losses, but easing the pain.

This issue includes three features by three different artists who each shares with us a trip, a project and a rant (a poetic one, however). So know that if you have something to offer, please let me know. I’m willing to publish good pieces about issues, projects and concepts that have remained untouched by other publications.

Yet although I thought online might free up some time, it has not. There is more news than ever, and I have to cull that which is unique, strange and wonderful to share with you. By this summer, I will master the means of communication called the Newssheet and if you want a mailing from me often, then subscribe to Umbrella Online and you will get the news much more often. It will be an announce-only newssheet.

If you have indicated an interest in subscribing, but have not paid yet, then access to this issue will not be forthcoming. I do have expenses even for Umbrella Online and must cover them. You help pay the server, the webmaster Jim Hanson, and as usual, not me. This is still a labor of love.

— jah