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Volume 28, No. 4, Dec 2005


Women Artists Archives National Directory: Call for participation

All organizations holding primary source material about any woman visual artist active in the U.S after 1945 are invited to be included in a new website directory being developed by Rutgers University Libraries (RUL). The online survey form is set for release by summer 2005.

WAAND will be a comprehensive survey of U.S. archival collections holding primary source materials of women visual artists active in this country since 1945. WAAND is designed to serve scholars in art history, visual arts, cultural and intellectual history, American studies, and women’s and gender studies, as well as artists, students, collecting institutions, and the general public. WAAND has been funded by the Getty Foundation, a program of the J. Paul Getty Trust.

WAAND’s principal investigators are Dr. Ferris Olin, head of the Margery Somers Foster Center and curator of the Mary H. Dana Women Artist Series at the Mabel Smith Douglass Library, RUI, and Judith K. Brodsky, Rutgers distinguished professor emerita in the Dept. Of Visual Arts and founding director of the Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper (RCIPP), Mason Gross School of the Arts . Grace Agnes, associate librarian for Digital Library Systems, and Jane D. Johnson, project manager for the Moving Image Collections and visit scholar at Rutgers, are WAAND’s digital architects.

To partner with WAAND, please send information directly to Nicole Plett, at or call 732-932-9407, ext. 27.

Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG) Home Study Programme. Bookbinding I, Bookbinding II, Bookbinding III, Endpapers, and Introduction to Leather now available.

CBBAG,60 Atlantic Ave., Suite 112,Toronto, ON M6K 1X9, Canada. Please call 416.581.1071. Email: or click on to: The home study program is available in video (either VHS or PAL format) and also in DVD. is the site of the Skyscraper Museum, with more than 2,000 documents about historic New York buildings by connecting the digitized images to an interactive map of Manhattan.

Hand Bookbindings From Special Collections in the Princeton University Library: Plain and Simple to Grand and Glorious includes more than 200 books. online exhibition, visit and click on the entry for “Hand Bookbindings from Special Collections.”

In celebration of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center’s Silver Anniversary and their traveling exhibition, Collaboration as a Medium: 25 Years of Pyramid Atlantic, they have published a beautiful 100-page, full-color catalog to coincide with this exhibit (which will travel to Maryland Arts Place in early 2006).The catalog is available for sale for $42 plus $3.95 shipping and handling. For more information, go to:, still a test site, but expected to include almost 200,000 photographs when it is completed in the fall of 2006, is a collaboration between George Eastman House and the International Center of Photography in Manhattan. Both institutions have to work out agreements with estates and living photographers, with the intention of adding tens of thousands more pictures.

Anchorage Museum of History and Art seeking entries for juried exhibition ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles:Transportation and Travel in Art,’ which will open in the Museum’s Discovery Art Gallery for Families on June 18, 2006 and run through May 15, 2007. The exhibition is opento professional artists working in all media. For more information about this feature click the link below or copy and paste it into your browser window:

New film from the producers of “ART CITY”: Richard Tuttle’s extraordinary work has exuded vitality and energy for over four decades - a remarkable feat, particularly since his art is so modest, vulnerable and daringly simplified. An elegant iconoclast who never hesitates to take risks, Tuttle uses frail and transitory materials such as plywood, tissue, wire, cloth -even shadows– to create entire worlds of thought, while challenging the ‘super-size’ aesthetic with his minor-scaled works. From his early years asassistant at the famed Betty Parsons Gallery in New York to his major retrospective launched this Summer in San Francisco, Tuttle’s commitment to the small, the anti-heroic, the barely visible, has inspired generations of younger artists to trust in a personal vision. Filmed in Santa Fe, New York, Miami San Francisco and Los Angeles, this engaging production takes viewers into the studio and life of a most distinctive artist, while exploring issues of commitment, communication and controversy, the relationshipbetween size and value, the language of materials and learning how to “see” art.

Featuring Richard Tuttle, Marcia Tucker, Madeleine Grynsztejn, Roy Dowell, Connie Butler, Herb & Dorothy Vogel, Angela Westwater and others .Music by Tom Waits, Piero Umiliani, Steve Jaqua, Ted Greene .Produced by Chris Maybach & Paul Gardner 32 mins. ©2005 Co-produced by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA)* Subtitles: English, Spanish, Italian, French,German.* Release date: August 2005 * Institutional Price: $149 (PPR) * Distributor: Twelve Films, 1420 Taylor St., Ste #2, San Francisco, CA 415/922-1099 fax: 415/922-1203

Computer News, a kind of United Nations of weird-looking sketches or a world doodle. You can add to a drawing whenever you want–it’s so popular now, that the drawing topic is changed whenever 1,000 lines have been recorded, rather than weekly as before.Word Pictures: Ray Johnson and Jess, Outsiders on the Inside. Catalog for $20.00 including shipping and tax to Hackett Freedman Gallery, 250 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA94108.

Libraries of artists: What they have read In the Robert Smithson retrospective catalog, the appendix is a complete, posthumously compiled list of publicationsin Smithson’s personal library. This exhaustive study of the artist’s own bookshelves comes with an introduction of the seminal tome about the dealer Seth Siegelaub, Conceptual art and the politics of publicity. A somewhat similar publication by Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco entitledDiane Arbus: the libraries, is a 33-page accordion-fold “visual record of books and other objects from the collection of the artist” which includes a 12-page booklet with detailed bibliographic information on the photographer’s preferred reading material. $35.00 plus $6.00 shipping from Fraenkel Gallery, 49 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94108. Credit card (415)981-2661 or check.

Nazi Photo Archive goes online

A Nazi archive of 60,000 digital color images of wall and ceiling paintings in German buildings has been put online by the Central Institute for Art History in Munich in collaboration with the Photographic Image Archive in Marburg. This includes photographs of interiors of 480 buildings including churches, monasteries, castles and palaces, dating from the 10th to the end of the 19th centuries in “Grater German Reich” which includes Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia (East and West Prussia), and the Czech Republic (Bohemia and Moravia). Each photographer was paid 35 Reichmarks for each frame and was required to take six of each work. Many of the works photographed were destroyed or damaged during World War II so the archives provides an unparalleled resource for restorers.

Fluxus DVD

Homage to Dick Higgins. Includes a reconstruction and documentation of a specific spirit of the 1970s in Geneva (where écart reflected some contemporary artistic tendencies). Inexpensive experiments with rudimental material. Clown’s Wayof Dick Higgins and improvisational events by the group écart. Includes two parts of a filmof the 1970s, reconstituted, digitalized and produced in 2004 in DVD format. The first part is a document about ecart in Geneva with guests such as Giuseppe Chiari or Endre Tot (1974-80). The second part is a document about a performance of this group in a theater of a Fluxus piece (Clown’s Way) by Dick Higgins. Filmed at the Theatre de Vidy (Lausanne 1977). 47 minutes, showing the live happening piece interpreted by Ecart performance group. This is probably the only film about Ecart interpreations of Dick Higgins piece and therefore has a specific importance in the context of filmed Fluxus performances. $30.00 plus postage Contact Colette Ruch and Gunther Ruch at