umbrella on line

ISSN 0160-0699

Volume 31, No. 1, Mar 2008

Art Reader

Art on Paper for September/October is my kind of journal–full of artist books, avant-garde, and ephemera–what more can you ask for? Jean-Noël Herlin talks about his “junk mail” which is the guts of art history of the last half of the 20th century–with an archive of 300,000 items on more than 50,000 artists, runing 600 linear feet, and weighing five tons. As I have lectured throughout the past 30 years, the detritis in the waste basket is really the bones and sinew of major art historical documentation. His collection of posters, mailers and flyers that trace the months, years and decades of what happens everyday in the contemporary art world. Sarah Valdez’ article on Handmade Tales shows the sustainability of small local Latin American publishing collectives in the age of global capital.

New Yorker for 8 October has a profile of Kara Walker by Hilton Als.

New Yorker for 25 February features Cai Guo-Qiang at the Guggenheim by Peter Schjeldahl.

ArtNews for March features The New Abstract Photo, as well as the new techniques in conservation of black and white photos.

Artlink for September 2007 (Australia) features Screen Deep, how the surface of the screen is scraped and reveals how we experience it in its many manifestations. The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is discussed.

Art Link for March 2008 features “Fuel for Thought: Oil, Energy, Conflict and Art with reviews of art in the Middle East, Cbhina, Australia, East Timor, USA and the Phillipines. If you are interested in global warming, the degradation of the earth, recycling, and political activism of artists, this is a must read! At your local newsstand.

Art Ltd covers West Coast Art & Design, and in the January 2008 issue, Julius Shulman is highlighted, as well as Bergamot Station ( a cluster of 23 art galleries in Santa Monica), among other articles on four Northwest photographers, Phoenix Rising, and much more.

The New York Times Magazine for 17 February 2008 features an article about Cai Guo-Qiang and “The Pyrotechnic Imagination” by Arthur Lubow.

The 10 February issue has an article about “The First Ache” or when does the experience of pain begin? which is illustrated with Brian Dettmer’s artwork. Dettmer is a book object maker from Atlanta.

The 23 March issue is dedicated to “Redrawing the Art World.”

Tate Shaw in Afterimage for November/December 2007 reviews Action/Interaction: Book/Arts, a conference which took place at Columbua College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts in June.

In the same issue, Holly Willis gives a broad view of Second Life and interactive art. Francesca Woodman’s two shows in London are also examined, as well as her reputation which precedes her.

Art Papers for January/February 2008 features an article on Icelandic Artists and Storytelling, with an emphasis on photography, mixed media, video animations, framed texts.

A review of “Documentary Protocols 1: Emulation of the Administrative Ethos in Artistic Practices of the 1960s and 1970s” in Canada from the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University exhibition in 2007, delves into questions of the document as artwork and its stylistic reverberations in contemporary practice.

Artworks is a new, very slick magazine that covers Film, Visual Arts, Lifestyle, Literature and issue number 4 features an interview with John Baldessari, a fine article about Deborah Butterfield, and much, much more. On your newsstands or at P.O. Box 5877, Carmel, CA 92921.

“Twombly in the Land of Michelangelo” by Michael Kimmelman appears in the NY Times Arts & Leisure section on 16 March 2008.

12 March issue of the NY Times included a Special Section on Museums